SKYDIVE WORLD CUP 2023 CZ – Bulletin 1

21-23 July 2023



  1. Organisation:                           Aeroklub Plzeň (Aeroclub Pilsen)                     

       Head of Organisation:               Jan Bečka ( +420 723 127 002,

       Meet Director:                            Marek Nový (+420 606 710 554,

       Chief Judge:                               Gerhard Wagner, Germany


  1. Place and date:        LKLT – Klatovy Airport, 21.-22.-23. July 2023

 K Letišti 573, Chaloupky, 339 01 Klatovy, Czech Republic

(GPS N 49°25’06“ E13°19’19“, Google maps: C89C+PQ Klatovy)


  1. Timetable:        Registration:  on July, 20th  from 5 to 11 pm only

There is no further registration on July, 22th.

 19.07.:          12:00   Trainingsjumps                  

20.07.:          08:00   Trainingsjumps

21.07.:        07:45  1st teamleaders meeting (and first call)

                   08:00  Start of competition (07:45 first call)

                   19:00  Trip to Švihov water castle
                ( ), Opening Ceremony and Gala Dinner

22.07.:     08:00  Competition (07:45 first call)

23.07.:     08:00  Competition (07:45 first call)

            14:00  End of competition                     

       After competition:  Awarding Ceremony and price giving


  1. Aircraft:        Antonov-AN 2


  1. Entry fee:        € 1050,- for each teams (€ 210,- per Person)

       For members of Aeroclub of Czech republic CZK 19 500,- for each teams (CZK 3900,- per Person)


  1. Team:        5 competitors

                                                           all results count as individual and team results


  1. Jumps:        8 rounds for each team – minimum 4 rounds


  1. Rules:        Sporting Code Section 5

                                                           Special rules for Parachute World Cup Series


                                                           All 5 results count as the team result

                                                           Max. 40 teams will be accepted by the organizer.

                                                           Your application is only approved if listed on our website!


                                                           The jumporder in reverse ranking during a round is

                                                           mandatory only for complete Teams (5 jumpers).

                                                           Due to organizational reasons the jumporder for

                                                           incomplete teams and mixteams of 4 or less members

                                                           can change during a round.


  1. Rejumps:        Rejumps brought on by one`s own fault (cutaway,

                                                           linebreak and others…) have to be paid by the jumper

                                                           which has created the incident.



  1. Altitude: 1000 m AGL, reduction down to 900 m possible

                                                           during rounds due to weather conditions.


  1. Electronic System:       Airshots
  2. Protest fee: EUR 50,- / EUR 25,- Video request
  3. Registration: Will be opened very soon via direct link to Airshots system.  Please, register not later than June 30th.
  4. Camping and accommodation in rooms or bungalows, camping is possible at the airport.

      Directly at the airport is swimming pool, showers, WC, restaurant, open fireplace, and party area. Sauna and massage can be ordered.


For details about accommodation and list of recommended hotels see

We highly recommend the reservation of accommodation at

Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) and drinks can be obtained directly at the competition area, payment by credit card (or cash) at the catering service. No pre-ordering necessary.


Download Bulletin File: Bulletin SKYDIVE WORLD CUP CZ 2023, AeČR


See you in Klatovy!

Jan Bečka & Marek Nový